Kuler colors

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Work for the week

assignment for 10/8

we are going in to cubsim


  • always geometric shapes
  • once camera was discovered, no more realism in paintings
  • god father was Cesan
  • in the geometric shape is the perspective, down up left, sideways, within the shape.
  • picasso, brock other cubist
  • don’t worry about color for now, only about composition

3-5 concepts on cubism

A) landspace; interior, exteroir; urban, rural, suburban

b) portrait,(FULL BODY) not beautiful

c) still live, can be your favorite things. anything, flowers, things in a thrift shop

do like 2 portraits, landscape, still life

how manypictures of each thing, 15 photos for 3

use my own photos, bring camera and take alot of pictures. 3 for samples

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